Thursday, May 31, 2012

ELIMU HAINA MWISHO:-USAID helping Maasai Women gain Literacy & Numeracy skills for self empowerment

Mwezi wa tano ndo huu unakatika leo..nami nimeona tuumaliza kiaina hii. Karibuni

USAID is helping Maasai women in Tanzania gain literacy and numeracy skills so that they can obtain land rights, start businesses, and become involved in local government.
By 2011, more than 2,000 women had completed the program. Their new communication skills allow them to conduct business activities more easily and empower them to assert their rights.
For the first time in their lives, these women are earning incomes independently through small enterprises and farming. One graduate of the program says, "It has helped me to mobilize other women because the program saw potential in us."
Video below by Ashiembi Productions. Produced by Megan Johnson/USAID - USAIDAfrica, published on May 24, 2012


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NN Mhango said...

Elimu ina mwisho na mwisho wake ni siku ya kufa. Hata hivyo kwa staili uliyofunga nayo mwezi bomba.

ray njau said...

Hii ni hakika na kweli!!