Friday, February 10, 2012




Nimetumiwa picha na ujumbe huu maaalumu toka kwa wazazi wa mtoto Benedikt. Nami nimeupokea kwa mikono miwili. HONGERA BENEDIKT KWA KUTIMIZA MWAKA MMOJA.


Dear Benedikt Fulbright Makulilo,
Today is Friday February 10th, 2012. It marks your 52 weeks (1 year old) journey since you were born at Los Robles Hospital in Thousand Oaks, CA. It was on Thursday at 5:42 pm Pacific Standard Time when you showed up. I exactly remember how happy both Marie and I were at that minute. We thanked God for Blessing, and you are that Blessing, Benedikt.
I would like to quote one of my favorite Bible verses which tells you were not born by accident. “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet of the nations” [Jeremiah 1:5]. Those God’s words are applicable to every child. Your birth is predetermined by God. God knew you before He formed you in Marie’s womb. You have the purpose to be here. You are a very special, unique and talented kid.
When I was growing up, I had a dream – and the dream is you, Benedikt. I had a road map, worked hard to make sure I would come to America one day. Coming to America was not neglecting my roots as African and specifically Tanzanian. The main purpose was my children could have all opportunities I could imagine and provide to them. All these could not be realized, in my perspective, if I could stay in Tanzania, my home country. But I promised myself, even if I will be living in America, I would do my best to help many people in Tanzania and other developing countries to reach their dreams. My current contribution is helping thousands of people on how to get admissions and scholarships for their studies in Developed World like in USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand etc. That’s why now I am well known scholarship blogger, founder and director of the Makulilo Scholarship Foundation.
In 2008 I arrived in America as Fulbright Scholar – teaching at Marshall University, WV. That journey didn’t end there. After one academic year of teaching, I moved to California for my Master’s Degree in Peace and Justice Studies – University of San Diego. Being in California, I met one beautiful lady, Marie Anna Makulilo (formerly Mowery). She is your mother. Both Marie and I love so much. We are so happy to be your parents.
Benedikt, it is a great privilege of being born in America. But that should not make you more special than others. It should make you stronger, hard working and helping others. The privilege of being American comes with great responsibility. I truly believe in you. Marie and I will start a special scholarship under your name, BENEDIKT FULBRIGHT MAKULILO SCHOLARSHIP to help orphans and albino children in Tanzania to go to school. When you grow up, you will be in charge of the program, and many children will benefit from your generosity.
Every child is talented. You are talented, Benedikt. God does not create a damn kid. It takes time, patience and a lot of trials to discover that talent. Some people even become old and do not discover their talents. Marie and I will try our best to let you discover your talents at your early age and enjoy what God has given you. We will give every opportunity available to make sure your talent is discovered, seen and appreciated. We don’t care whether you will engage in soccer, swimming, music, American football, basketball, running, arts etc as long you are happy with what you are doing and enjoy it, you have our full support.
One last thing to remember – the meaning you GREAT name. Your name BENEDIKT FULBRIGHT MAKULILO has a special meaning. Your first name Benedikt is after Pope Benedikt XVI (Formerly Joseph Ratzinger). In spelling Benedikt there is “K” instead of “C” as many people are used to English spelling of that name. Since Pope Benedikt is from Germany and in German language the name Benedikt is having “K” so Marie and I did not want to change that. In addition to that, in Kiswahili, there is no usage of “C” to mean “K” that’s why you’re Benedikt with letter “K”. And for your middle name Fulbright, my dream to come to America was fulfilled by Fulbright Scholarship. The scholarship was named after William James Fulbright. So we chose Fulbright in honor of the dream and more importantly your life will be Full and Bright. Your surname is Makulilo. Makulilo is unsung hero. He is you Grandpa. You will meet him one day and I know you will admire his life and principles.
Benedikt, you are the reason I came to America. I came here for you. You are The Dream. May God bless you.
I love you more than you can imagine.
It’s your loving Baba,
Ernest Boniface Makulilo (MAKULILO, Jr.)


Mija Shija Sayi said...

Aisee Makulilo umeshakuza hivi? Mungu azidi kumlinda kijana wako/wetu..

Happy birthday BEN.

Yasinta Ngonyani said...

Mija kutunza mimba ni kazi zaidi kuliko kulea..Karibuni utasikia Ben ana mdogo wake..LOL Hongera kwa siku ya kuzaliwa Ben .